Monday, March 15, 2010

Digital Negative Notes

Open image (jpeg, tiff, etc)
Resolution: 300 dpi
Mode: RGB Color (8 bit channel)

If working with a color image, Image→Adjustment→Desaturate

Correct using Brightness/Contrast (printer prints dark, so take what looks good on monitor, and add 40-50 pts of brightness)

Flatten Image if there are layers

Make test strip in new document

Print: Printer manages colors
Print setting→choose correct paper (demo paper is in small box in shelf behind print wall—DON’T USE THE BOXES THAT SAY SAM-O ON THEM!—should use premium glossy setting for final print)

Printer prints dark, so readjust on main document and make a new test strip on the same previous test document (delete previous layer to save ink)


Image→Image Rotation→flip horizontal

Image→Adjustment→Curves→load preset
Desktop→Alternative…→Instructions and curves→choose your process (you can get new curves at

Layer→New Fill Layer→Solid Color
Name whatever you want
Mode: Color
Hit OK
Color dialogue box:
C: 0
M: 55
Y: 55
K: 0

Negative media in magazine rack in back. Notch in corner goes in upper right corner

When making final print use Print Setting→Glossy photo profile, change from speed to quality.

If you have any questions about these instructions, ask Sam-o.