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064Spring 09 Syllabus

ART 064. MON & WED 7pm to 9-45pm.
OFFICE: ART 112. Wed 11 to 1
PHONE: 5-8133. Email : pipo

" In photography's early decades, photographs were expected to be idealized images. This is still the aim of most amateur photographers, for whom a beautiful photograph is a photograph of something beautiful, like a woman, a sunset ".Susan Sontag. " America, Seen Through Photographs, Darkly "

" A photographic portrait, is a picture of someone who knows he's being photographed." Richard Avedon

" Everything looks real, and therefore it is real, and the things is real even if, like Alice in Wonderland, it never existed." Umberto Ecco. Travel in Hyperreality

" Of the same order as the impossibility of rediscovering an absolute level of the real is the impossibility of staging an illusion. Illusion is no longer possible, because the real is no longer possible. It is the whole political of the parody, of hyper simulation or offensive simulation..." Jean Baudrillard. The Evil Demon of Images/ Simulacra.

• This class is designed for intermediate to advance students in photography. This is a Studio Class dealing with advance photographic techniques within the context of Artificiality and Fabrication. Technically, this class will cover Color and Large Format Photography. Thematically, students will address issues concerning The Real vs The Fabricated, Fiction vs Non-Fiction by actively staging their photographs.


We will accomplish our goals through class demonstrations, studio projects and critiques, lectures, reading assignments, class presentations, attending visiting artist lectures, a field trip to NY


Assignments are designed to introduce students to new photographic techniques and to contemporary critical photographic topics. During the first half of the semester, assignments are designed to incorporate new studio practices such as studio lighting and the large format camera. During the second half of the semester, students will design their own projects with newly acquired photographic tools, techniques and ideas.

#1: Images inspired by pre 18th century paintings from the Allen Art Museum
a collaborative project
#2: Metaphor & Equivalence: Short stories.
#3: Reinterpreting Eden
#4: Independent Project


 Your timely attendance is required
2 unexcused absents will constitute a drop, 15 minutes late is considered an absent
 Completion of all projects by the required dates
 A blog
 Class participation
 Flawless etiquette in the lab ( see house rules.)
 An edition for the class portfolio
 A photo portfolio


The working area and the darkroom must be kept free of personal materials at all times.
The working area must be returned to its original conditions and go the extra step if you are the last one
Only students who are enrolled in class or students with instructor's permission can work in the lab
Students must pay the appropriate lab fee
Students must sign in each time he/she uses the lab
Students must abide to the lab's and the equipment check-out posted hours
Students, if needed, will contribute their time to the maintenance of the facilities.
If any student, after 2 warnings, continues violate lab rules he/she could loose access to the darkroom


All reading materials with the exceptions of handouts are kept in the reserved or the open-reserved sections of the art library. There are many books set aside for students in the open-reserved area for their independent research.

Robert Hirsch. Exploring Color Photography
Ansel Adams. The Camera, The Negative, The Print
Terry Barret , Criticizing the Photograph.


This is an intensive studio class, which will require approximately 15+ hours beyond normal class time. If you are signed up for this course, be aware of the intensity of the class, and schedule your classes accordingly.


Appropriate clothing, shoes are required at all time. And precautions must be taken when working with extremely hazardous materials such as C41 chemistry. Beyond your personal safety, you must be sensitive to our environment, you have to make sure of knowing how to dispose of chemicals appropriately and to conserve water whenever you can.


The Photo Co-Op
Loomis Camera, Elyria
Dodd's Photo, Cleveland
The Framing Workshop (matting and framing), Oberlin
B & H, NY. 1-800-947-7785.
Abbey Camera, PA. 1-800-252-2239.
Freestyles Sales Co., LA.1-800-292-6137.
Light Impressions (matting and framing) .1-800-828-6216



2/02 Intro
Catching up and review
Exercise # 1
2/04 4x5
Color Film
Color Printing
2/07 Field Trip

2/09 Exercise # 1 due
4x5 focus
2/11 More Demo
Movie : Boxfull of Moon Light
2/12 2/15 NYC?

2/16 Work Day
2/17** Work Day

2/23 Open Lab
2/25 Critique

3/02 Project #2
3/04 Movie: Vertical Ray of the Sun

3/09 Workday
3/11 Workday

3/16 Critique
3/18 Critique

Spring Break

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