Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sepia Toning

Sepia toner comes in 2 parts: A & B
A is bleach and B is toner.
Make sure your print is thoroughly fixed and washed. If the print is dry , make sure to soak it again. Also make sure your print is about one stop darker.
Set up using only with trays that is meant for toning and not clean viewing trays. Also make sure to have a tray with water between the Bleach and Toner

1. Place wet print in part A.
Agitate constantly and pay attention to the highlight, making sure not loosing details
After about 2 minutes move it and let it rest in the water tray

2. Make sure to drain water from the print and place it in part B. Agitate and after 2 minutes or when it looks right, take it out. Rinse for 5 minutes , hypo clear and wash for 20 minutes

*** if taking too long , the toner is exhausted. Notify monitors

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